Gemalto SAS Multi Factor Authentication

SafeNet Authentication Service:

Manage Authentication Deployments Faster and More Effectively

Why Enterprises Need Cloud-based Authentication Services

More and more cloud-based services are becoming an integral
part of the enterprise, as they lower costs and management
overhead while increasing flexibility. Cloud-based authentication
services are no exception, and can help organizations achieve
significant savings through automation.
An effective strong authentication service enables companies to
pursue consistent authentication policies across the organization
by automating and simplifying the deployment and management
of a distributed estate of tokens, while securing a broad spectrum
of resources, whether on-premises, cloud-based, or virtualized.

The Solution: SafeNet Authentication Service

SafeNet Authentication Service delivers fully-automated,
highly secure authentication-as-a-service with flexible token
options tailored to the unique needs of your organization, while
substantially reducing the total cost of operation.
Strong authentication is made easy through the flexibility and
scalability of SafeNet Authentication Service’s automated
workflows, vendor-agnostic token support, broad APIs and
seamless out-of-the box integrations with over 300 solutions
from leading brands. With no infrastructure required, SafeNet
Authentication Service enables a quick migration to a multi-tier
and multi-tenant cloud environment, and protects everything,
from cloud-based and on premises applications, to networks,
users, and devices.

Key Benefits

Low Total Cost of Operation

SafeNet Authentication Service is based on a simple, low,
per-user pricing model, with no hidden or additional costs.
Administration and management takes place in the cloud
platform, reducing help desk expenses, and therefore lowering
the management time by 90 percent, in most cases, through
large-scale automation, token provisioning, and user selfenrollment.

Quick Cloud Migration

SafeNet Authentication Service has been designed to offer
a smooth transition from an existing third-party RADIUS
authentication server, focusing on speed and ease of deployment.
Key to this capability is an organization’s ability to maintain its
current token investment while immediately benefiting from lower
operational costs and SafeNet Authentication Service’s automated
processes. This reduces deployment time from weeks to hours,
enabling organizations to easily move from an existing technology
simply and quickly with a free migration agent.

Seamlessly Complement Access Management Solutions

Gemalto’s SafeNet Trusted Access is a complementary solution
to SafeNet Authentication Service, offering existing customers
an ideal opportunity to move seamlessly to access management,
simply by checking a box already built into an organization’s
account. Since SafeNet Authentication Service and SafeNet
Trusted Access share the same cloud platform, they work
together to provide users with increased visibility into their cloud
access events.

SafeNet Trusted Access

Access Management-ready – Complementary solution to SafeNet Authentication Service
  • Easily add on cloud single sign-on and access
    management for existing SafeNet Authentication Service
  •  Increased visibility into cloud access events for
    organizations planning to expand their Cloud App usage

About Gemalto’s SafeNet Identity and Access Management Solutions

Gemalto’s industry-leading Identity and Access Management
solutions let enterprises centrally manage and secure access
to enterprise IT, web and cloud-based applications. Utilizing
policy-based SSO and universal authentication methods,
enterprises can effectively manage risk, maintain regulatory
compliance, gain visibility into all access events and simplify
the login experience for their users.