Cisco Duo

Don’t compromise on your own security solution

Why Duo?

Cyber attackers are a persistent bunch. They’ve found new ways to circumvent weaker multi-factor authentication solutions, placing at risk what you had once secured. Some MFA providers have responded with blunt new defenses that keep bad actors out, but also make it more difficult for trusted employees to get in. This doesn’t work in our new world of hybrid work, where people expect flexibility and rely on the speed and consistency of their remote access to get the job done. We need stronger security that works smarter, not just harder, to protect organizations.

4 Reasons to Choose Duo

Next Level MFA

ounter the new wave of cyber threats with phishing-resistant MFA measures that rewrite the playbook on how to verify users.

Protection and Productivity

Protect your environment while empowering your workforce to operate from anywhere and on any device.

Complete Coverage

Eliminate the gaps in your perimeter like no other solution can, with easy-to-use integrations that bring all applications and operations under one secure roof.

Speed to Security

Launch new protections quickly and smoothly, without burning through your IT team or their budget. Put enrollment and remediation in the hands of your users so your security experts are free to monitor the big picture.

An MFA Solution That Fits Your Organization

Cisco Duo works non-stop to understand and stay ahead of the cyberthreat landscape. At the same time, we work hand-in-hand with leaders across industry and the public sector to understand the challenges they face from a business perspective, so the solutions we build make sense in your day-to-day context.